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Lopez Island Library to Host Bestselling Author Garth Stein

Garth Stein, speaker and author of the bestselling novel The Art of Racing in the Rain, will speak at the Lopez Island Library on June 13, 2015 in Woodmen Hall. Garth’s visit, set up through the Friends of Lopez Library, will include a reading from his newest book, A Sudden Light. The story follows the unfolding secrets of […]

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Finding Unity in the Community: Common Reads Titles that Bring Us Closer

When Books In Common/Terra Com was founded in 2001, Community Reading Programs as envisioned by pioneering Seattle Librarian Nancy Pearl were in their infancy. Since then, BIC has connected with thousands of literary programs across the globe, helping event planners as they face the sometimes daunting task of selecting the perfect book for their communities, partnering with the author, and ensuring that their specific goals are met and exceeded – year after year. We focus on these important programs because we passionately believe that building common ground around literature is one of the best ways to bridge the divide among race, religion, socio-economics, sexual orientation, politics, and cultural identities.

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A Look At: ALLen Reads

Jane Bennett, coordinator for ALLenReads, answered a few questions for Books In Common about her community and the books that bring them together.

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Whitewashing of the Literary World and How it Can Change

Reyna Grande

An article published by the Washington Post last month about the “whitewashing” of the literary industry was shared on social media recently by Reyna Grande, speaker and author of The Distance Between Us, a memoir of her life as a Mexican immigrant. The article, written by freelance writer and native Australian Sunili Govinnage, detailed Govinnage’s decision to read only minority authors for an […]

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From BIC: Thank You Ivan, You Are Already Missed

The literary world suffered a great loss one week ago, with the death of the prolific and poetic Montanan author Ivan Doig.

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How Master Storyteller T.C. Boyle Find His Stories’ Endings

T.C. Boyle’s creative process allows his characters to drive his plot.

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Heavy Hitters vs. Lite Lit: Selecting A Common Reads Title for Students

For many Common Reads program coordinators on college campuses, First Year Experience departments, and in public/private high schools, the pressures of meeting upper administrative demands while keeping students enthused and engaged can be daunting. Sometimes it may feel like these closed-door committee members are out of touch. Other times, tension originates from over-enthusiastic coordinators who prefer beach books to the literary canon.

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Chitra B. Divakaruni Named One of India’s 20 Most Influential Global Women

The Economic Times of India named author, teacher, and activist Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni among the “20 most influential global Indian women” of 2015.

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Astoria Details the Route to Pacific NW

Mutiny, death, paranoia, money, politics are just a few themes in Peter Stark’s latest book, Astoria. The story in this new non-fiction narrative details the project to set up a fur trading-post on the Pacific coast, initiated by John Jacob Astor and President Thomas Jefferson.

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Sonia Nazario Discusses Border Town Crisis

Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer winner and author of Enrique's Journey

As the number of children crossing the border alone increases dramatically, Sonia Nazario has been discussing the reasons they travel into the US. She explains the situation in Central America is filled with gang violence and threats of murder which is causing the wave of children crossing the border to surge.

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