Forrest Pritchard Talks Business in Sustainable Farming

Forrest Pritchard, Gaining Ground

In his memoir, Gaining Ground, Forrest Pritchard touches on the harsh realities of market competition and the need for businesses to abandon the business-as-usual paradigm. Sharing outsider perspectives of growing and maintaining a healthy business — insights learned from hard-won success beyond the mainstream — Forrest’s new business-focused program outlines the concepts of Practice, Perspective, and Vision. He explains how even billion dollar companies can take their cues from small farms and achieve sustainable growth for decades to come.

Forrest Pritchard, Gaining GroundUpon returning from college, Pritchard took over his grandparents’ multi-generation farm. He looked hard at how commodity food products are made and sold cheaply and drive consumers away from what’s actually good for them. He wanted to shift his farm to sustainable practices but wondered how small organic farms can compete. Abandoning the mainstream big-ag system, Pritchard built a highly successful business centered on sustainable farming and direct-to-consumer products.

Forrest Pritchard is a seventh generation farmer and a New York Times bestselling author. Gaining Ground was named a top read by Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post and NPR’s The Splendid Table. Forrest’s new book, Growing Tomorrow, goes behind the scenes with 18 extraordinary sustainable farmers from across the country. To schedule a food/farming event with Forrest or a business-focused presentation, contact Books In Common directly at (541) 318-6288.

Forrest Pritchard, Gaining Ground

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