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More than ever, the American populace is a mosaic of colors, creeds and cultures with increasing polarization. How cool would it be to bring people together to share a common interest that cuts across race, religion, socio-economics, sexual orientation, politics, and cultural identities? Some books can bridge our disparities, and it’s magical when it works. It’s our goal at Books In Common to help cities, schools, communities, and literary programs create events that appeal to the most diverse audience possible. We support efforts to develop a common good, where people can share a literary experience that transcends our differences.

Books In Common is an independent clearinghouse supporting Community Reads, All Campus Reads, Freshman Class Reading Programs, literary festivals, writers workshops, and more. Let us help you with your next literary event.

Upcoming BIC-Supported Events    (roll over to pause)

2/6/2015 – Bracken Memorial Library and Bee Ridgway – Woodstock, Connecticut
2/11/2015 – Author! Author! and Garth Stein – Bend, Oregon
2/12/2015 – Regina Calcaterra at a College Author Series in New York – Bronxville, New York
2/12/2015 – Peter Heller at an Author Series in Minnesota – Stillwater, Minnesota
2/17/2015 – Literary Society and Marja Mills – ,
2/18/2015 – Renbrook School and Christina Baker Kline – West Hartford, Connecticut
2/24/2015 – Chico State/Butte College and Reyna Grande – Chico, California
2/24/2015 – Hastings Reads and Christina Baker Kline – Hastings, Minnesota
3/5/2015 – One Book Yuma and Ann Kirschner – Yuma, Arizona
3/6/2015 – Silverleaf Club and Ann Kirschner – Scottsdale, Arizona
3/11/2015 – Ridgewood Library Luncheon and Christina Baker Kline – Ridgewood, New Jersey
3/13/2015 – Roswell Reads and Reyna Grande – Roswell, Georgia
3/16/2015 – Overlake School Writer’s Symposium and Reyna Grande – Redmond, Washington
3/16/2015 – One Book One Philadelphia and Christina Baker Kline – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3/16/2015 – Brandeis National Committee and Garth Stein – Scottsdale, Arizona
3/23/2015 – Appalachian State University and Mary Francis Berry – Boone, North Carolina
3/24/2015 – National Association for Federal Program Administrators and Reyna Grande – Washington, District of Columbia
3/25/2015 – Reyna Grande at a Maryland Community College – Annapolis, Maryland
3/26/2015 – A Tale for Three Counties and Laura McBride – Batavia, New York
Charlotte Rogan

“For the wonderful people at Books in Common, the end of the book is the beginning of the discussion.”

Charlotte Rogan, author of The Lifeboat