Sonia Nazario Discusses Border Town Crisis

Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer winner and author of Enrique's Journey

Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer winner and author of Enrique’s Journey

As the number of children crossing the border alone increases dramatically, Sonia Nazario has been discussing the reasons they travel into the US. She explains the situation in Central America is filled with gang violence and threats of murder which is causing the wave of children crossing the border to surge.

Sonia Nazario author of, Enrique’s Journey, followed the journey of one boy from Honduras to the US on the top of trains. Her story won numerous awards including a Pulitzer. To listen to the radio program click HERE. If your community is wanting to discuss immigration, Sonia Nazario is an engaging and well-spoken presenter. To invite her to your next literary event click HERE.

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