For Literary Event Organizers

We know how over-worked and under-paid most literary events organizers are because we’ve assisted in the planning and execution of thousands of book-related events during the past decade. This experience–along with our broad base of connections–allows us to help you create the best literary event possible, while saving you time, effort, and money. We’ll help with many of the detail elements of literary event planning (for free), taking a lot of the research and many tasks off your plate.

  • Title selection: We’ll help you find just the right book/author for your event, or just get you the information you want about any author/title that interests you.
    • We’ll get you free review copies when necessary.
    • We’ll discuss the pros and cons of various titles based on our past experience and feedback from hundreds of other literary event planners.
    • If you want, we’ll help with your long list, then the short list.
  • Fee negotiations: We can get you the standard fee information for any author you’re interested in.
    • Once you’ve settled on your final choice, we’ll negotiate the speaker fee on your behalf in a way that meets, or beats, your budget.
    • Most of the time we’ll save you 20% to 80% off standard honoraria.
    • We’ll take care of the contracts and help with bookkeeping.
  • Author availability: We’ll find out if an author’s schedule is open when you want them.
  • Details: We’ll manage many of the details including travel arrangements, contracts, bookkeeping, and so forth.
  • Programming: We’ll share suggestions to help you develop great programs and activities for your event.
  • Promotions: We’ll get you free promotional materials when they’re available, and help with social networking and getting the word out.
  • Management: We’ll provide author profiles, collateral materials, workbooks, and checklists to help you manage your event.

For Authors

All the authors listed on our website are carefully screened to make sure they, and their books, offer the best selections targeted for Common Reads type events. Not all good books fit all types of literary events, and not all good writers make great speakers. We maintain (and update regularly) a list of FEATURED AUTHORS, along with an extended roster of writers and books.

While there are millions of books and authors that have literary merit, our focus is on titles that are well written and fit specific criteria for specific literary event types; and authors who are terrific speakers. We’d be honored to consider your book(s) for inclusion on our title/author roster, but you’ll want to make sure it’s a good fit with our targeted goal.

Please send us two copies of your titles to be considered for review, along with a bio, press release, brief history of your speaking experience, standard fee, and the reasons you think your book makes a great Common Reads selection.

  • Garth Stein: A SUDDEN LIGHT