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Nnedi  Okorafor
Nnedi Okorafor
Michael Farris Smith
Michael Farris Smith
Nalo  Hopkinson
Nalo Hopkinson
Ramona  Emerson
Ramona Emerson
A talented writer does not necessarily equate to a talented speaker. The authors you see featured on BooksInCommon.org are ones you can count on to be engaging and articulate speakers, as well as top-notch writers. Of course, we can help you secure ANY author you might be interested in hosting. We’ll let you know if an author is particularly funny, or charming, or hip, or passionate, or all of the above. We’ll help you find all the qualities you’re looking for in your next Community Reads pick. We combine first-hand experience with direct feedback from others who have engaged these authors in the past for their own events, to make sure you get just what you’re looking for.

Likewise, a great book doesn’t necessarily make a good selection for every audience, school, or community. We’ll take your list of book selection criteria--or help you define it--and develop a list of titles that are customized to fit your needs.

The writers featured on this page are just a sample of the authors we recommend. If there are authors you’re particularly interested in, just let us know who they are and we’ll be happy to get you their fee and schedule information, at no cost to you. We’ll share feedback from others who have hosted authors you might be interested in, so you’ll know how they might work for your program. And please, share with us the books you think make good options for Community Reads programs, and give us your feedback on authors you’ve hosted in the past so we can all learn from this cumulative knowledge. Check out the FORUM (coming soon), or just shoot us an email.

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Daniel Bergner

Lauren Beukes

TC Boyle

Roseanne A Brown

Robert Olen Butler

Vinh Chung

Chris Cleave

Karen Dionne

Lian Dolan

Dave Eggers

Diana Gabaldon

Eileen Garvin

Will Grant

Sara Gruen

Martha Hall Kelly

Thor Hanson

Deborah Harkness

Michael Hingson

Arlie Russell Hochschild

Jordan Ifueko

Adam Johnson

Zeyn Joukhadar

Steve Lopez

Gregory Maguire

Lydia Millet

Sy Montgomery

Ben Okri

Sister Helen Prejean

Forrest Pritchard

Daniel Silva

Evelyn Skye

Brando Skyhorse

Karin Slaughter

Jane Smiley

Claude Steele

Garth Stein

Gregory Stone

John Temple

Alice Waters

Teddy Wayne

Andy Weir

Jonathan White

Hillary Whittington

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  • Garth Stein: A SUDDEN LIGHT