Helpful Hints from St. Petersburg College

One of the many things Books In Common brings to the common reads’ table is the years of work we have done with a wide variety of venues to constantly improve their literary programs; through this wisdom, we hope venues old and new will pick up a tip or two and continue hosting successful common reads.

An Interview with St. Petersburg College, Florida, and their One Book, One College program:

Books In Common: What advice can you share with others just launching an all-campus-reads type program, or are considering it?

St. Petersburg College, FL

St. Petersburg College, FL

St. Petersburg College: We have learned to get everyone involved in the book selection. We have done it “both ways” where a committee selected the book for the One Book, One College read as well as the voting system. Allowing people to enter their choice of what the book should be for the year really gets passions ignited for reading!

If at all possible, having the author at the event makes the book “come alive” and promotes programs that people want to attend and be involved in.

Students, staff and the community get the opportunity to explore the author’s philosophies on how the book was composed, what inspired the author, and to consider looking at their own lives. Students who are writers “soak up” the author’s personal aspirations for their book and it is such an encouragement for them to keep writing.

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