Kelsey Timmerman Motivates Consumers

Author and speaker Kelsey Timmerman was featured recently on Indianapolis News Wish-TV to talk about his most recent book Where Am I Eating: An Adventure Through the Global Food Economy and the path our food takes to get to us in grocery stores.

kelsey_timmerman_homegrown_image copy

Author Kelsey Timmerman

His interest in sourcing food was inspired by his first book, Where Am I Wearing, in which Kelsey travels the world in search of the people and factories that make our clothing. A hands-on writer and traveler, Kelsey puts the legwork into the search for answers that will, hopefully, motivate consumers to be more conscious and informed when shopping.

Kelsey’s speeches and talks at libraries, colleges, and communities around the country are powerful, inspiring, and appeal to a wide range of audiences. To invite Mr. Timmerman to speak at your next event or to inquire about his schedule, contact Books In Common.

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