Garth Stein Describes How Dreams of His Father Influenced A Sudden Light

In a recent television interview with AM Northwest, Garth suggested that there is an intimate link between two of the themes in his new book A Sudden Light: the relationship between fathers and sons and the supernatural.

In this new interview, Garth credits his father with having had an important influence on A Sudden Light and describes that shortly after his father passed away, he visited Garth in a series of lucid dreams:

“He came to me in these dreams and we had long detailed conversations… and then he went away, he was gone. And we can explain that away with science or we can say that maybe there was something unresolved there that he wanted to complete… I think that there are connections in this world that we try to explain away with science a little bit too conveniently. There are things that are behind the facade and we need to peel back the layers.”

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