Regina Calcaterra Discusses Her Book, Life, and Social Justice for Children

Today, author Regina Calcaterra discusses a memoir of her childhood, Etched In Sand, at a highly-anticipated event at Concordia College. Etched in Sand is the powerful and tragic true story of five siblings who survived an unspeakable childhood of abuse and neglect in the shadows of some of America’s wealthiest communities. It is a story of love, pain, and the human spirit’s resilience when faced with adversity.

Etched in Sand  by Regina Calcaterra

Etched in Sand by Regina Calcaterra

Calcaterra overcame the challenges presented to her as a child. Indeed, she soared over them and went on to build a career as a successful attorney, author, and activist for child welfare and social justice.  She visits Concordia College as part of the school’s Books & Coffee program, which is presented in conjunction with the School of Social Work.

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