Get to Know: James E. Mills and The Adventure Gap

The world of extreme outdoor sports and adventuring has long been enjoyed by thrill seekers around the globe, and most of them, historically, have been white. James Edward Mills‘ first book, The Adventure Gap: Changing the Face of the Outdoors, explores the lack of minority populations in the realm of outdoor adventure and chronicles the importance of the first-ever all African American team to ascend Alaska’s Denali in 2013.

Author James Edward Mills

Author James Edward Mills

To further explore the importance of the Expedition Denali members as role models for minority communities, Mills wrote “In Deep”, a fictional story recently published in Alpinist, that takes on the adventure gap through the eyes of three climbers – people of color – and the struggles they face during their journeys.

Mills is an avid outdoorsman, environmental supporter, freelance journalist, and enthusiastic speaker. He documents his journeys through his blog on The Joy Trip Project website along with active and sustainable lifestyle news and happenings.

To invite James E. Mills to your next event or to learn more about his speaking schedule, contact Books In Common.

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