Forrest Pritchard Shares Sustainable Farming Ideas at Dickinson College

Every year, Dickinson College hosts a Local Food Dinner where students and community residents attend a lecture while enjoying a specially prepared meal. This year, at the 12th annual dinner, Virginia farmer and author Forrest Pritchard was the entertaining and topical keynote speaker.

Pritchard, author of Gaining Ground, detailed the idea of sustainable farming, a concept that is crucial to the success of future generations of farmers and people who want to continue eating locally sourced food. Interacting with the customers themselves on a personal level is something that cannot be replicated by large corporations, he emphasizes. Being an authentic farmer who cares about the way food is raised and harvested is imperative to keeping the tradition of family farming alive.

Forrest Pritchard, author of Gaining Ground

Forrest Pritchard, author of Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground is the story of Pritchard’s own journey as a seventh generation farmer and his next book, The Farmer in Your Kitchen, is due out in September 2015. He is a humorous and passionate speaker who truly enjoys talking about his own experiences. To book Forrest Pritchard for your next event, contact Books In Common.

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