Author Jamie Ford’s Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Stands Out on Stage

Author and speaker Jamie Ford‘s bestselling novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was recently turned into a play by Annie Lareau of Seattle’s Book-It Repertory.

When an old hotel in Seattle’s Japantown uncovers the long-forgotten belongings of Japanese families sent to internment camps, Henry Lee watches intently. Convinced he knows who one item belongs to, he is brought back to his unusual childhood growing up the friend of a young Japanese American girl during WWII and launches into a frenzied search for a long-lost item in the hotel basement.

New York Times bestselling author Jamie Ford

New York Times bestselling author Jamie Ford

Hotel faced several challenges transforming onto the silver screen, namely a large minority cast and a hefty production fee, but flourished on stage under the expert eye of Ms. Lareau. As Mr. Ford said, “I thought it was a decent book, but I thought it was a great play.”

Jamie Ford is a Seattle native and engaging speaker. His second novel, Songs of Willow Frost, has many “teachable moments” and is often recommended for students. To learn more about Mr. Ford’s schedule or to invite him to your next event, contact Books In Common.

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