Yuma Rallies around The Blue Tattoo and Margot Mifflin

The Blue Tattoo, by Margot Mifflin

The Blue Tattoo, by Margot Mifflin

This February, the town of Yuma, AZ, united around this year’s One Book Yuma community read selection and came out in droves to hear author Margot Mifflin.

The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman recounts the captivity and later fame of settler Olive Oatman, who was abducted by Yavapai Indians near Yuma. A century after Olive’s life, hundreds of Yuma residents crowded the library and the nearby college as Margot Mifflin, the book’s author, visited for several speaking engagements as part of the community reads’ programs.

To everyone’s surprise, a descendant of the Oatman family attended the event, as did several members of a local Native American tribe. Organizers counted this the best year yet in One Book Yuma’s history. If you’re looking for unique literary event with an ethnic theme,  just let us know. Perhaps The Blue Tattoo is one to consider.


Margot Mifflin at One Book Yuma One Book Yuma crowds

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