Speaking up for Refugee Children

Sonia Nazario is speaking out for the thousands of children coming into the US illegally from Central America.  Sonia’s 2002 Pulitzer-Winning article, Enrique’s Journey, followed the path Enrique took from Honduras to the US to reunite with his mother. At that time many children came to the US to follow  parents for economic reasons. The current influx of children are coming here to escape violence and threats on their lives, says Sonia Nazario. Because of the horrific stories and situations these children face in their home countries, Sonia Nazario is asking that they be treated as refugees with additional processing and protection. To read Sonia’s latest editorial about the refugee crisis click here.

Is your community discussing the current refugee situation? Sonia Nazario is an expert on child immigration and has spent over 15 years dealing with this subject. She and the program she delivers is one of the most sought after in the US, so If you would like to host Sonia, click here.

Here she is discussing the current refugee situation:

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