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We Are All Called to Rise, by Laura McBride

We Are All Called to Rise, by Laura McBride

Here at Books in Common, we strive to keep current on new books and authors that will be popular in Common and All Campus Reads programs. Finding a book that whole communities can relate to, as well as has themes that can create dynamic discussions, can be difficult for event coordinators. There are new books coming out daily, but staying on top of what is current and who would make an engaging speaker is what we pride ourselves on.

One of the latest books we’re reading is, We Are Called to Rise, by Laura McBride. This novel, out June 3, takes characters who seemingly have nothing in common, yet their stories are connected. Just last week, an industry newsletter discussed how this book is creating a lot of buzz for her debut novel.

If you’d like to consider Laura McBride’s debut novel, We Are Called to Rise, let us know and we can get you a review copy and talk about scheduling and event.

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