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Elise Ballard Elise Ballard is the host and creator of the YouTube channel and website, Epiphany Channel, and the author of Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform. Originally created as a film/television project, the book contains over sixty interviews with people from all walks of life – from celebrities and thought leaders to “everyday” people - recounting the stories of their greatest epiphanies.

Elise started her career in entertainment working as an actress in New York and Austin and moved into independent filmmaking and producing in Los Angeles as a partner in a production company with films distributed by Lions Gate and Monarch Entertainment. She is a motivational speaker and two-time invited TEDx speaker and contributes articles to publications such as Live Happy Magazine and Psychology Today. She is currently writing and in development on several projects, including a memoir based on her days working in Austin, TX at an indie music station, and a docu-reality series based on Epiphany. She resides in Los Angeles, CA and loves visiting her “homeland” (New Orleans, Dallas and Austin) as often as possible.

"When we look for TEDxSMU speakers, we try to find people who have a relevant, powerful message, and the ability to deliver the content in a compelling way. It's the most challenging talk format I've ever encountered, and Elise knocked the ball out of the park. Not only was Elise able to engage our grown ups' at the TEDxSMU conference; she was a crowd favorite at the hard-to-please TEDxKids @SMU conference catering to middle school students."
-- Sharon Lyle, Director, TEDxSMU

"I lead my sold out Manifestation Yoga Retreats retreats and workshops around the world, and I can safely say that the ones where I have had Elise Ballard as a guest speaker have been the most powerful and transformative. Elise is not only an expert on epiphanies, but she is engaging, warm and funny. People are captivated by her and feel a freedom to become more vulnerable and aware of their own epiphanies after listening to her speak. If I could put her in my pocket and have her with me always, I would."
-- Jen Pastiloff, Writer & Retreat Leader

"Elise facilitated two Epiphany Project workshops for our Qivana team across the United States and Canada. We loved her book, Epiphany, as it encompasses inspirational stories, positivity, motivation and provokes people to take a look at their own lives and realize their own epiphanies and become more aware and prepared for when one of those moments strikes in their respective futures.Both workshops she conducted far exceeded our expectations. Elise's ability to captivate us was remarkable. She has a unique capability to capture her audience and eloquently deliver both her teaching points and her stories. She really was able to identify with what we were hoping to obtain from the workshops and answered questions candidly. The consensus of the entire group both times was that we could have listened Elise speak for hoursshe just has this way about her that is incredibly natural, down-to-earth and knowledgeable. The first workshop was so thought-provoking and inspiring and created such a buzz within the organization, that we requested a second workshop to take a deeper dive into the subject! I highly recommend Elise for any speaking engagement or workshop. She is phenomenal and truly gifted at her craft of connecting with her audience."
-- Gina Clapprood, Sales Director, Qivana

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Reviews of Epiphany!

Interesting and inspirational, this is for thoughtful readers, in whom it is likely to trigger self-examination and the effort to listen to one's own inner voice.
-- Susan DeGrane, Booklist

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