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Katherine Pryor

Katherine Pryor

Katherine Pryor is a good food revolutionary who has worked to create better food choices at institutions, large corporations, and food banks. 


Katherine began writing children’s picture books to help kids build an emotional rapport with real food from a young age. Her first book, Sylvia’s Spinach, was named one of Foodtank’s “Top Ten Books for Future Foodies,” and her second book, Zora’s Zucchini, was selected by Seattle Public Library to launch the first Food Literacy Month in Washington state. Both books were selected for the 2016 Whole Kids Book Club, and are widely used in garden and nutrition education.


She holds a MA in Environment & Community with a focus in Local & Sustainable Food Systems, and is able to speak on a wide range of topics. Possible presentations include: The Emotional Politics of Food, The School Garden Revolution, Food Literacy, Sustainable Food Systems, and Transforming Institutional Foodservice.

"Katherine Pryor is able to capture the attention of adults and children alike with her relaxed, friendly, and engaged presentation style. She is a genuine and passionate speaker with a very clear and approachable style."
-- Ashely Braun, Librarian, Seattle Public Library

"Katherine Pryor has a passion for the good food movement that is truly moving. Combine her experience and knowledge with her relentless positivity, and it's sure to leave the audience feeling inspired and ready to take action!"
-- Dana Gould, Food Access Coordinator, Pike Place Market Foundation

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Reviews of Zora's Zucchini

A joyful read filled with zest and zucchini! If you've ever grown a squash plant that just won't quit, Zora's conundrum will feel quite familiar. Pryor offers a happy, community-based solution that uses cooking and friends to eliminate food waste. It's a super squash somersault of success!
-- Amber Stott, Founder & Chief Food Genius, Food Literacy Center

As in their previous picture book Sylvia's Spinach, Anna Raff's illustrations area  wonderful companion to Katherine Pryor's simple story and healthy message for young readers and eaters.
-- Craig Seashores, President-Elect, Washington Library Media Assn., Librarian, Sanislo Elementary

What a delight! With whimsy, color, and even a few touches of hilarity, Zora's Zucchini will surely inspire you to get planting. It captures the wonder of a first garden, the bounty of summer, and the promise of fresh vegetables....A reminder that good food is all about community.
-- Ian Cheney, Co-Founder, FoodCorps

Reviews of Sylvia's Spinach

Pryor's lesson about healthy eating and trying new things is delivered with a light touch thanks to Raff's airy ink washes.
-- Publishers Weekly,

Sylvia's Spinach reminded me that there's a special, secret ingredient in healthy eating - having fun!
-- Ian Cheney, Co-Founder Food Corps & Film Director