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Kathleen Grissom

Kathleen Grissom

After working as a nurse, mother, ad executive, and farmer, Kathleen Grissom turned to writing. Her first novel, The Kitchen House, was inspired by the name “Negro Hill” in an old map. Her next project focuses on the life of Crow Mary, a native woman with a gun she wasn’t afraid to use! Glory Over Everything was published in April 2016.

Kathleen grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. Currently, she lives on a Virginia farm with her husband, daughter, and their farm animals.

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Reviews of Glory Over Everything

Five years after her novel The Kitchen House turned a stunning light on the lives at a Virginia plantation before the Civil War, Kathleen Grissom again takes up the generations of a family as they fight their way not only to a life of freedom, but to a life that matters. Everyone moving through these pages, especially James Pyke, established in this story as a durable character of American fiction, is tangled in a great web of secrets too important to keep and too dangerous to tell. Grissom has done the near impossible: she has kept the tension alive, tension that doesn't let up until the final page.
-- Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Two if by Sea

Reviews of The Kitchen House

You will be thrilled by this intimate and surprising story that connects us with an unexpected corner of our history. Kathleen Grissom gives us a new and unforgettable perspective on slavery and families and human ties in the Old South, exploring the deepest mysteries of the past that help define who we are to this day.
-- Robert Morgan, bestselling author of Gap Creek

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