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Krista Bremer

Krista Bremer

Krista Bremer, author of My Accidental Jihad. Krista Bremer’s award-winning essays have appeared in national and international magazines and news outlets including O: The Oprah Magazine, CNN, MSN, MORE, The Sun, and The Sunday Times (London). Her work has been featured on National Public Radio, and she has appeared in the PBS series Arab American Stories.

Her first full length book, My Accidental Jihad, explores her marriage to a Libyan-born Muslim, raising two children with Arabic names in the American South, the prejudice she never would have imagined she’d encounter, and the profound ways her marriage would change the perception of the world.  It’s a story about a middle-class American raised in California and a Muslim raised by illiterate parents in an impoverished Libyan fishing village—who made a commitment to each other without forsaking their own identities. It is the story of a bicultural marriage—and aren’t all marriages bicultural? In any marriage, we might discover that our mate is foreign to us, with very different language, memories, and assumptions about home and family. How we respond to difference shapes our world.

Profoundly moving and often funny, this meditation on tolerance explores what it means to open our hearts to another culture and to embrace our own. It is Krista Bremer’s unexpected struggle to reach beyond herself, her accidental Jihad.

"I have worked more author events than I can count, and you were simply splendid. The crowd felt in safe and comfortable hands--you completely won them over."
-- Sarah Carr, Chatham County Literary Council

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Reviews of A Tender Struggle

A moving, lyrical memoir about how an American essayist fell in love with a Libyan-born Muslim man and learned to embrace the life she made with him... A sweet and rewarding journey of a book.
-- Kirkus Reviews,

A Tender Struggle is a bold piece of writing (and thinking) by an incredibly brave woman.
-- Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic

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