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Mardi Jo Link

Mardi Jo Link

Mardi Link was born in Detroit and grew up in the state's southeastern suburbs, spending summers up north on Lake Michigan. The only daughter of educators, she attended Michigan State University's school of journalism, and has worked as a police and general assignment reporter, magazine editor, and freelance writer. Her books include When Evil Came to Good Hart, Isadore's Secret and a memoir titled Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm, which won the Great Lakes Booksellers' Association 2013 Booksellers Choice Award. 

Her newest book is The Drummond Girls: A Story of Fierce Friendship Beyond Time and Chance. This inspiring and heartfelt memoir is about the friendships forged between eight women over two decades. The eight Drummond Girls first met in 1991 at Peegeo's Food & Spirits in northern Michigan where, at the time, they were all waitresses, bartenders, or regular customers. When one of them got engaged, they celebrated with a trip to Drummond Island--their first trip together to the remote 36-mile chunk of rock, dive bars, dirt roads, and beautiful forests--and it's where they became bonded forever. They've made this voyage every year since then as a way to retain a piece of their wild youth, despite the taming influence of marriage, motherhood, and management. This year, their focus is Beverly, oldest of the Drummond Girls at 65, whose memory is beginning to lapse. Undaunted, the other women intend to help Beverly remember all they've shared--every campfire, every late night talk, every secret confided.


Mardi lives with her husband and three sons on a hobby farm near Traverse City, Michigan.

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Reviews of The Drummond Girls

So pick up this book: You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll find yourself pondering the meaning of life's small disappointments and its greatest joys, especially the "fierce friendships" at the heart of this remarkable story.
-- BookPage,

With humor, honesty, and a deep love for each individual, Link describes the slow but steady buildup of friendship and loyalty among the members as they ate, drank, played pool at the local bars, wandered in the dead of night through the thick woods to find bears, and generally bonded in ways that many women may never experience in their lifetimes... A moving, honest, and laughter-filled account of eight women who gather one weekend every year and enjoy themselves to the fullest.
-- Kirkus Reviews,

Reviews of Bootstrapper

Glints with Link's raw, willful energy... Possesses that rare, elusive, but much sought-after feeling of authenticity.
-- The New York Times Book Review,

A heroic-comic saga of single motherhood, pure stubbornness, and the loyalty of three young sons.
-- Garrison Keillor,

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