We’ve Got Something in Common – Greetings From Christie Hinrichs

C HinrichsBefore joining Books in Common as an Account Manager a few months ago, I had spent almost ten years as an event planner for a University Lecture series, a visiting writer’s program, and an annual writing conference that drew dozens of world class authors every year.  I know what you’re going through!!
Without the industry connections that Books In Common enjoys, I was constantly beating my head against the brick walls of author representation, speaker’s agencies, and the normal headaches of running a 500-seat venue.  As a result, the transition from my former job to my new role at Books In Common has been illuminating! Oh, how I wish I’d had access to BIC – which I know would have saved me a ton of time and money.
That’s exactly how many of our clients feel.  We’ve all tried to do it on our own…we get into this business because we love books, and connecting writers with their readers is a common goal. But once you give BIC a chance, you’ll find that the ease and support of literary event consultation not only makes your events better managed and less costly, but we make some friends along the way as well.  Looking forward to working with many of you in 2014!
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