“The Bartender’s Tale,” by Ivan Doig, Comes to Paperback

The Bartender's Tale, by Ivan Doig

The Bartender’s Tale, by Ivan Doig

Waiting for Ivan Doig’s latest book to come out in Paperback? The wait will soon be over. The Bartender’s Tale, by Ivan Doig, is coming to paperback fall 2013. A native of Montana, Ivan Doig often writes about life in the American West. His books include Whistling Season, the memoir House of Sky, Work Song, and many more. He’s also a popular speaker on the West, journalism, and his novels. Meeting Ivan Doig at a speaking engagement is a rare treat. As a speaker, he shares memories going back almost eight decades and a deep familiarity with the American heartland. Stay tuned for more news about Ivan Doig, his novels, and his events.

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