Highlights from a Few BIC-Supported Events

Christina Baker Kline at a library in New York
CBK at Poughkeepsie library“The audience seemed pretty riveted during the whole presentation. I think people found her to be very personable and engaging. She was great.” –Tom, library director




Garth Stein at a national organization in Arizona
Garth’s presentation was “great from the start to Garth at Brandeis 3finish.” –Merrill, event coordinator
Regina Calcaterra at a library in New York
RC at Islip Library 3“The event was absolutely wonderful – one of the best programs we have ever had at Islip! I can’t even say what was the most interesting part of the program, she had my complete attention throughout. What an amazing person.” –Laurie, program coordinator



Stephen Puleo at a library in Connecticut
“We had a packed house in the library, steve puleo at Brackenwhich was great! Several people have followed up with an email or phone call to say how much they enjoyed the event. Thanks for helping to set it up!!” –Deborah, librarian
Sonia Nazario at a community reads in Minnesota
Sonia at Lakeville 2“One of the aspects of the event that I was most pleased with was how well the musicians tailored their performance to the book and how much the music added to the event.” –Sonia



Reyna Grande at a community college in MarylandRG at Ann Arundel CC
“Reyna was quite engaging. When asked questions, she gave detailed responses. It was also a nice surprise when she introduced her daughter and nieces.” –Lisa, FYE coordinator

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