Garth Stein Interview with The Oregonian

Garth chats with The Oregonian about Fathers and Sons, the Politics of Tree Climbing, being a Celebrity Author, and – of course – about Enzo.

Garth Stein, author of  A Sudden Light.

Garth Stein, author of A Sudden Light.

In a recent interview with The Oregonian, Garth discussed his creative process and factors influencing the subject material contained in his long-awaited new novel, A Sudden Light.

In this interview, Garth discloses his strategy in waiting to revise his 2005 play Brother Jones until after he’d dedicated years to touring his global sensation The Art of Racing in the Rain. A Sudden Light is the beautifully layered result of that protracted, if dedicated creative process.

Other themes touched upon in the interview are Garth’s tree-climbing hobby, his profound identification with the Pacific NW, and – of course – literature’s favorite dog, Enzo. Who will play Enzo in the film version of The Art of Racing in the Rain? Read Garth’s answer here.

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