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Teddy Wayne

Teddy Wayne

Winner of a Whiting Writers’ Award as well as a finalist for the Young Lions Fiction Award, PEN/Bingham Prize, and Dayton Literary Peace Prize, Teddy Wayne's latest novel, APARTMENT,  is the rare page-turner that explores the gap between social isolation and one's internal life, along with class, and ambition.  His last bestselling novel,  Loner, is being adapting into an HBO series. Kapitoil, recounts the life of Karim Issar, a young computer scientist who develops an ap that allows high profit gain through predicting fluctuations in futures market using algorithms to anticipate how the perceptions of world events will impact markets. The success of Karim’s program leads him to face a moral conflict when faced with the choice of selling the intellectual property rights, or disseminating them freely to the world. Teddy Wayne lives in New York.

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