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Robert Goolrick

Robert Goolrick

Robert Goolrick grew up in a small Virginia university town, where people considered the past to be as much as part of the present as today is. After attending Johns Hopkins University, living in Europe for several years, and attempting careers at acting and painting, Goolrick settled into advertising. That lasted until his fifties. His advertising firm fired him, so Goolrick turned to writing novels: Heading Out To Wonderful, The End of the World as We Know It, and The Reliable Wife.

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Reviews of Heading Out To Wonderful

Goolrick spins out his tale like a mountain ballad . . . Dreamers like Charlie will still try to blunder on to wonderful, and they're the ones whom poets will sing about and old men will remember.
-- Wilmington Star-News

Goolrick's tale of doomed love resonates like a folk ballad , with the language of the Blue Ridge Mountains and its people giving this novel its soul. . . . Like any good ballad, the narrative builds slowly to it s violent climax, packs an emotional punch, and then haunt s readers with it s quintessentially American refrain.
-- Publishers Weekly

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