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Gregory Stone

Gregory Stone

Dr. Gregory S. Stone is an ocean scientist and explorer with over 10,000 dives using submarines, SCUBA gear, underwater habitats, and robotics. Greg works to find ways for humanity and the ocean to co-exist and support each other in the modern world. He was part of the genesis of the Ocean Health Index and works on sustainable fishing, aquaculture, climate adaptation, and seamount ecology. He’s given TED and Davos talks, been featured in documentaries for Discovery and National Geographic. He’s authored hundreds of publications including for Nature, National Geographic Magazine (SEAMOUNTS, most recent), and four books: one a National Outdoor Book Award winner and his latest (2017) book is SOUL OF THE SEA IN THE AGE OF THE ALGORITHM.   He was the science advisor to the atoll nation of Kiribati for the historic UN Paris climate agreement.  Greg is Chief Scientist for Oceans at Conservation International, co-leads the World Economic Oceans program,  and is on the boards of Pacific Rising, The Phoenix Islands Protected Area and Aqua-Spark. He has degrees in Marine Science (Ph.D.), Marine Policy (MMA) and Human Ecology (BA). 

He combines exploration with policy engagements through global institutions (U.N., WEF, heads of state and private industry) that change how society uses our global ocean, the life support system of earth.  He was senior editor of the Marine Technology Society Journal and appears in TV documentaries for Discovery Channel and National Geographic, and as ocean expert for CNN.     

Greg is Executive Vice President and chief ocean scientist for Conservation International and founding member of the World Economic Forum Oceans Council (WEF). He has received all the top ocean conservation and diving awards, including the Pew Ocean Fellowship, the NOGI, and Boston Sea Rovers Diver of the Year. He was the architect of the first large-scale open ocean marine protected area in the Phoenix Islands and helped conceive the Ocean Health Index.

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