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Jonathan White

Jonathan White

Jonathan White is an active marine conservationist, a sailor, and a surfer. His first book, Talking on the Water: Conversations about Nature and Creativity, is a collection of interviews exploring our relationship with nature and features Gretel Ehrlich, David Brower, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gary Snyder, Peter Matthiessen, and others. White is the author of Tides, forthcoming from Trinity University Press, and has written for the Christian Science Monitor, The Sun, Orion, Surfer’s Journal, and other publications. He holds an MFA in creative nonfiction and lives with his wife and son on a small island in Washington State.


"[White goes] to some of the wildest corners of the earth, for visceral interactions with the tide...provide[s] storytelling, scientific breakdowns, and myth analysis that will resonate with any reader. [Tides is] deeply researched yet approachable...offers a depth of tidal knowledge I could have never imagined."
-- Alex Wilson, Surfer's Journal

"...a wonderful weaving of folk lore and myths, science, and...provides a thorough explanation of how tides have affected cultures throughout time. It also shows how little we know, and what we need to learn."
-- Barbara Burke, Malibu Surfside News

"Jonathan White is not only an accomplished storyteller, but a rare exemplar of the marriage of technical lucidity with stylistic grace. His book was a joy to read."
-- Alan Littell, Ocean Navigator

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